Emma Massingale and her Connemara Pony Liberty Team

Emma Massingale has worked with horses all her life from traditional breaking and training to competing. Emma discovered her true passion was for Free Riding or Liberty Riding where the horse is trained and ridden without tack or equipment. Her journey with Connemara Ponies began in 2013 when she decided to purchase a new liberty team. She traveled from her home in Devon to the sales in Clifden and purchased her first 2 Connemara geldings. Subsequent sales saw the purchase of 5 more Connemara ponies.

Her journey to Clifden was filmed and her documentary ‘No reins, no rules, no limits’ premiered on Horse and Country TV on St Stephens Day 2014. ¬†www.youtube.com/watch?v=n_p23Y7zyog

She has gained sponsors such as Ariat, Horseware Ireland and Naf and travels throughout the UK and beyond with her Connemara Liberty Team doing demonstrations. In may 2015 she will return to the Clifden Pony Sales to purchase 2 more geldings who will join her on her next adventure with 4 of her existing Connemara team to live alone on an island in Connemara for the month of June. For more details see:  theislandproject2015.wordpress.com